Seo Process

We adopt an SEO process that is 100% ethical, natural, scientific, transparent, semantic, white hat & result oriented.

Search Engine Optimization Process

We follow an ethical & 360 degree approach at Offshore SEO Experts to optimize your website both for human visitors & search engines. Our SEO process begins with the on-page optimization which ensures search engines read what you want to show to the people and includes link building, article & PR submission, social media optimization.

Website Analysis

The SEO process for your website starts with its health check wherein we see its current status on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing & others and also on & Once we are done with the initial analysis then we move ahead benchmarking & setting competition for the websites under the same theme for the next SEO step.

Keyword Research & Identify the competition

Once we are done with the initial analysis for your website then we move ahead selecting the right keywords for it. The selection of right keywords depends on many factors such as the long & short term goals of your company & websites, targeted masses, etc. At this very stage it’s also defined whether Microsites & Corporate Blogs would be incorporated in the SEO strategy or not.

Creating Strategy and Optimization

We define the SEO strategy or incorporate the running one into ours. This may require one time setup of new pages, blogs or microsites to be created to support your main website for the on-page SEO. At this step we are actually ready to optimize the website & the content for the defined keywords. Under this process we actually make your website fully SEO compliant.

Measuring & Reporting the Results

During this process we analyze the various reports available through your web analytics, Alexa & Compete and suggest you what more should be done. The tasks that we perform during this process are Analysis & reporting, Backlink analysis, Cached pages, Business Analysis, Analyze conversions, Ranking report, Conversion funnel, Site Monitoring & reporting etc.